About Budoshow

My name is Libor Macháň and I have been interested in martial arts since 1986. I have always wanted to know how various styles differ from one another, what is typical of Japanese, Chinese or Korean martial arts styles. When I got interested in martial arts, then it was karate, only a couple of styles were known here such as judo, karate, box, kung fu and others and other styles I knew just from action movies. In 1990 in Brno I saw with my own eyes a taekwondo ITF show performed by Korean demo team and I was really enthralled. All I saw in films, for example, breaking of boards, bricks and slates, self-defense against several attackers and various kinds of fights and compulsory exercises, really got me and I started practicing taekwondo full time.

The thought why to start presenting martial arts in Brno was my main reason to help advertising martial arts since they were not known much and everybody was interested more in football, hockey, basketball and the like and martial arts were forgotten. Another reason was to show the public the beauty of martial arts and of course the difference between them, because I myself wanted to get acquainted with different types of martial arts.

Actions like Budoshow in Brno are hold all over the world. Among the largest of them is Parisian Budogala in Bercy where about 15 thousand spectators come every year to see the best of bests. Other actions are hold in Germany, Switzerland, Spain, Slovakia and some in the Czech Republic.

This year the drums will sound for the 17th time and the great show of martial arts will start in the Brno hall again. I would never think that such a small event where in the first year just a small trickle of spectators came and a couple of Brno club performed on the old mat of various colors will turn into the event annually attended by foreign participants from Austria, USA, Brazil, Belgium, Switzerland, France... who present all styles of martial arts, event hosted by such well-known people as Martin Dejdar, Pavel Zedníček, Leoš Mareš, Jiří Mádl, Michal Suchánek a Richard Genzer and others. We even got the Hollywood star Cynthia Rothrock to Brno last year who was fascinated by our Budoshow and spent here the whole week...

I am very happy that we managed to turn such a small event as Budoshow was in the beginning into the event attended by more than 2500 people every year in November and which is a big martial arts holiday in Brno.

I could not do that without the help of Brno city, South Moravia region, all partners, every single club, friends and the brilliant organizing team who did excellent work. Many thanks to the team of the chief organizers who work on budoshow from its very beginning: David Herman, Antonín Grůz, Zdeňek Daniel, Lukáš Dalecký, the Janhub family and Leona Macháňova…